The Story Behind The Story: Hannah R. Goodman’s Miki and Dex

Hannah R. Goodman, author of “Miki & Dex” SUCKER LITERARY: an anthology (volume 2)

This is a story taken directly from an episode of the TV show that could be my teenage years: The Hannah Chronicles. It is highly fictionalized for your consumption because what really happened that night . . . well, let’s put it this way, there is a reason why I only write fiction and why I will NEVER write a memoir.

My writing process for this story was taken from a free write in a writing class I taught over 10 years ago. This experience really happened to me and the older I became, the episode seemed so insane, so much out of my character. I took it out one day about 4 years ago and thought, man, now this is a good idea. Dex and Miki are slivers of people I know, including myself and the “Dex” who I had in my life as a teen, but really they represent the essence of the end of high school nostalgia, where looking back at the four years feels enormous and looking forward to the future feels terrifying. I feel like Miki and Dex absolutely have to give their torturous love one last go before they move on to their respective futures.

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