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Contact: Hannah R. Goodman
Founding Editor of SUCKER LITERARY

[Bristol, RI, April 1st, 2013]

Twilight. The Hunger Games. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. All young adult novels that have recently become popular feature films. Yes, this is a very good time to be a writer of YA fiction.

With so many YA writers vying to be the next Stephanie Myers or Stephen Chbosky, how can one stand out? By having a story featured in the newest platform for YA writers, SUCKER LITERARY.

The all-volunteer brainchild of YA author Hannah R. Goodman, this second volume (the first published January 2012) features nine edgy stories written by emerging writers of young adult fiction. The Sucker editorial staff and contributors hail from across the continent (Canada and the US), including residents of fourteen different states. Each story features unique artwork from artists all over the country.

SUCKER LITERARY: an anthology is available in both print and digital versions. It is available immediately on and within one business week on

Submissions for the third volume are being accepted through May 1, 2013. Please visit for more information.

BIO: Hannah R. Goodman, M.Ed, MFA, is represented by Erzsi Deak of Hen&ink Literary Studio. She owns The Write Touch, a tutoring, editing, and consulting company, and is a graduate of Pine Manor College’s Solstice Program in Creative Writing.

From reviewers:

“SUCKER LITERARY is a perfect anthology for anyone to read—teens or adults—and get a decent grasp on how much being a young adult can SUCK, but not so much that we won’t live through it. No, instead, this anthology shows how teenagers can work through SUCKISH situations and come out on the other side better people, with a lesson learned and maybe a friend or two gained or lost. Either way, life goes on, and we deal with it. We SUCK it up.”

Jessica Baker
Just A Booklover |

“I love Sucker Literary. I love that aspiring (or established) YA authors have an opportunity to submit their writing and potentially be showcased in a blossoming anthology. . . Soon after, they’re sure to find fame and fortune and TMZ weirdos following them around.”

Real Men Read YA |

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