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We want to address the question many of you have asked–how can YOU help us? As you know, SUCKER is a volunteer based magazine (with a budget of ZERO), and we rely on the help of others to make us grow.

Below is a list of things YOU can do to help us out:

1. “Like” us on Facebook.

2. Follow us on Twitter.

3. Sign up for our newsletter.

4. Email us if you want to help with editing, layout and design, or contribute artwork. (Although we don’t need this assistance right now, by the end of October we will.)

5. Spread the word–forward the link to our: website/blog, newsletter sign up, Twitter page, and Facebook page.

6. When the magazine is published (some time in late January/ early February 2012), forward it to friends and encourage them to email us (suckerliterarymagazine[AT]cox[DOT]net) or post feedback on our blog and Facebook and Twitter pages. Our first issue will be published as a PDF document that will be easy to download and share–FOR FREE!


Right now, our founding editor is reading every single submission and trying to provide all submissions with some feedback (for those interested). She also has accepted a few on a mentoring basis and is in revision rounds with those writers. Once October 1 hits, she will NOT be accepting any new submissions but simply trying to get through the ones that arrive on or before the deadline. Currently she has read everything that’s been submitted by September 1. Her goal is to have all writers know the status of their piece by November 1.

After she has gone through ALL submissions, the ones that make her cut will be pushed out to staff readers/editors for their feedback. (Two have already made it through this process and are in the YES pile). If pieces make it through our round of staff readers, then they have a really good chance of making it into the magazine (a.k.a the “YES” pile). Some of those pieces may need a little mentoring and rewriting, but this is what makes our magazine unique–we WANT to work with writers who have pieces that have tremendous potential. The mentoring may not guarantee a piece will be published in the magazine. But at the very least the writer can walk away with some really useful feedback. It makes the submission experience far less intimidating. Ultimately, the pieces that make it into the magazine will be ones that meet our editorial needs and connect to our vision.

As you can see, we really are a unique platform for ALL writers of YA fiction. We want to give you a chance to share your work–no matter if you are emerging or established.

We look forward to reading your work!

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