Open Door Day

Open Door Day is a 24 hour period that occurs after our regular reading period ends, whereby, you guessed it, we let the doors open for a brief time to allow new submissions in. We do this after we have gone through all of the submissions for the current reading period and made decisions about mentoring writers and accepting stories.

The Open Door Day’s purpose is to find a few (1 or 2) more stories to complete the volume we are working on. Sometimes, through this Open Door Day, we find little gems that need more polishing, so we invite those folks to resubmit during the next submission period. However, we do not offer feedback or mentoring to participating writers of Open Door Day. The stories we accept will be those we fall in love with but that are also ready to go, minus some little grammar or formatting tweaks. Please submit your very best, most polished and revised pieces only.

The next Open Door Day is August 1, 2013 for volume 3 of Sucker Literary. Click here for formatting guidelines. We will be reopening the doors on August 1 at 12 a.m. Doors will stay open until 11:59 p.m. This is Eastern Standard Time. Submissions must follow our guidelines. This round will not include feedback. Send us your VERY best and SUPER polished work. Any submissions that do not follow our guidelines will be deleted.

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