Sucker T-shirt Models

Below are images from a recent fashion shoot featuring our illustrious editor-in-chief, Hannah and even more illustrious art director, Alyssa (okay, only one pic of her).

As soon as her shirt arrived from Cafepress, Alyssa put it on and hasn’t taken it off since! Look at how her lovely reddish-brown hair highlights the red in the lolly. Isn’t she lovely?


And then when Hannah’s shipment of t-shirt, both long and short sleeve, and hoody arrived, she couldn’t wait to do the same. No one was home to take her picture except her cats, and they were useless as usual. She was also supposed to be packing for Florida. But the cats thwarted that effort.

catsSo she took the pictures herself…first, the t-shirt.


…then the hoody.


…then the long sleeve with Sucker volume 1. IMG_1217

The rest of the pics are attempts at some kind of artsy looking deal. Standing on a chair for an angle that would not highlight the furrow between her eyes or the lack of make-up on her face.IMG_1218


She wanted to keep her face hidden, but this one was far away enough and blurry enough that it’s not too offensive.


Wile you are waiting for volume 2, due out by April 1, 2013, please purchase one of the t-shirts on Cafepress and then take a pic and send it to us!

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  • Shannon  On January 28, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    My, what a lovely, shirt. They look fabulous, ladies.

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